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King Tut’s afterlife…in Denver

IMAGINE you are dead. Family and friends make condolence calls at your home, casually observing the artifacts of your life: books, photographs, clothes, dried cans of...

Our best kept secret: Denver’s Kirkland Museum — stunning

FIRST-TIME visitors to the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art at 1311 Pearl Street must ring a bell in order to obtain admittance. Once inside, it’s a bit...

CU President Bruce Benson: Keeping up with him…a losing battle

Do not come to philosophize. Nor to talk politics. Or shoot the breeze. Do not even come to talk about education, as in what happens in the classroom. “I’m not...

Profile: Avi Halzel, DCJE President & CEO

Avi Halzel’s first year as president and CEO of Herzl-RMHA at the Denver Campus has been anything but dull. He came aboard just in time to play a role in […]