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Kabbalah Experience expands

am I?” “What is my purpose in life?” People constantly ask these questions but most do not know how to find the answers. Over the past 13 years, more than 1,100...

Social media and young minds

to gauge the impact of social media? A quantum leap in communications? A tectonic paradigm shift in human interaction? An unprecedented sea change in access to...

Hal Aqua

Hal Aqua’s musical journey

Aqua, front man for the klezmer fusion group The Lost Tribe, is always on the lookout for diverse musical traditions that merge inside a singular “sweet spot.”...

Goodstein’s latest: Denver Public Schools

One might think that after writing umpteen books on Denver history, Phil Goodstein might choose something simple or one-dimensional for his next project — and one...

The museum features models of baseball parks across the nation.

A peek into Bruce Hellerstein’s ballpark museum

Tucked away in a small building on the corner of Blake and 20th is a hidden gem that can be relished by baseball fans all over the world. Bruce Hellerstein’s

Lindsey Levin-Salamon, left, and Sarah Raphaely

Turnaround: BMH-BJ preschool at capacity

might be no better place to work. The day the Intermountain Jewish News visited BMH-BJ preschool it was global travel day. Each classroom has adopted a country....

Jessica Cohen, right, translated David Grossman's A Horse Walks Into a Bar.

Found in translation: Winner of Man Booker Prize lives in Denver

Americans reading a Hebrew novel or any foreign-language book in English are oblivious to the fact that two people are responsible for this literary sojourn — the...

Rabbi Naftali Seidenfeld

Seidenfeld brings new excitement to Yeshiva Toras Chaim

a weekday afternoon and Rabbi Naftali Seidenfeld is doing an interview — the hard way. He’s obviously in the car and at least some of his children are riding along....

Dr. Nan Goodman

Literature meets law

Nan Goodman has held for the past two years a very prestigious position in Jewish academia, as director of the Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado,...

A girl helping her classmates wash their hands in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.

A ‘forest kindergarten’ in Mitzpe Ramon

MITZPE RAMON, Israel — It sounds like a Jewish mother’s nightmare: a preschool class held outdoors in the desert. But parents in this remote Israeli town drop off...