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‘Seder Feud’ Passover game created by HEA members

Did you take the survey? Abbie Hayutin, together with husband Sid, has developed a new game for Passover based on the classic TV game show Family Feud. A link to the survey was sent out by HEA, where Abbie and Sid are members, and included questions both on the history of Passover as well as themes association with the festival of liberation.

“What began as a family project to enhance both the educational and enjoyment value of our multi-generational family Passover seder has taken on a life of its own,” says Abbie. “Our Passover survey met with tremendous response with people reaching out and wanting to know if the game will be available this Passover.”

The motivation behind Seder Feud was the desire to create a seder activity that would appeal to attendees across the generations. “We have people in our family from ages four to almost 90,” says Abbie, whose typical seder numbers around 25-30 people.

The idea was born last year, says Abbie, who says that Sid’s favorite game show is Jeopardy. The couple decided to try their hand at a Passover version. “I come up with harebrained ideas and my husband helps me execute them,” laughs Abbie.

Conveniently, Sid works in tech and knows his way around building software, and Jeopardy was a success. When a cousin asked Abbie earlier this year how the Hayutins would outdo themselves for 5779, the idea for Seder Feud was born.

Why the switch from Jeopardy? According to Sid, the Family Feud approach is even better for an interactive seder. “Feud offers more than one potentially correct answer,” he says, “and that’s a must within a family that has lots of opinions and lots of people who have attended classes and are ready to share what they’ve learned.”

They reached out to the community through the survey, he says, to promote inclusivity. “We believe this helps to limit the unintended biases that we might not realize we’ve adopted over the years of holding family seders and writing our own Haggadah(s).”

The project remains in development, but a trial version of Seder Feud will be available on April 1. Send an email to

If the survey is anything to go by, Seder Feud will enliven your holiday and engage seder attendees in discussion. 

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