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Season of joy

G-d is a Colorado fan. How do I know? Shortly after Passover concluded on April 7, 2018, the Avalanche — in a do or die game — proceeded to the NHL playoffs. Fast forward six months to the conclusion of the next pilgrimage festival, Sukkot. This time it took several hours after the holiday’s conclusion (13 innings will do that!) before the Colorado Rockies won their wild card game in spectacular fashion to progress into the division series round. Is any further proof needed? Not in my book.

Most Jewish festivals have alternative names. Passover is the “season of liberation”; Shavuot, the “season of the revelation of the Torah.” Sukkot is the “season of happiness.” As the holiday season concludes, it’s always a challenge to take what we’ve gained and “bank it” for the upcoming year.

Not so in 5779. Rocktober continues the season of happiness for Rockies fans.

But happiness doesn’t come easy, and neither did the Rockies’ victory. It was a classic baseball showdown, pitcher vs. pitcher, strikeout vs. strikeout. There were strange calls and the even stranger “hug” forced upon Nolan Arenado to stop him making a play.

One the most exciting aspects of this Rockies season has been the emergence of Kyle Freeland as the team ace. The stone-cold pitcher is a native Coloradan and graduate of Thomas Jefferson High. There’s nothing like having a homegrown kid rip it up for the hometown team. Broncos’ fans are getting a taste of that with breakout running back Phillip Lindsay, a South High and CU Boulder alum.

What season-defining game will be on the line come Shavuot? The Stanley Cup finals are around that time. You heard it here first.

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