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Sandy Stein, 1942-2017

When Tucson native Sandy Stein moved to Pueblo in 1964 after marrying Marvin Stein of that city, she didn’t simply take up residence in Pueblo. She became Mrs. Jewish and Civic Pueblo. She left an indelible mark on the intermountain West.

A graduate of CU-Boulder, Mrs. Stein became involved in a wide variety of Jewish, civic, charitable and cultural organizations in her adopted home. Beneficaries of her extraordinary leadership skills and generosity of resources, time and spirit included:

• Temple Emanuel of Pueblo and Hadassah in the Jewish community;

• Broadway Theater League, Pueblo Symphony, Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center and Rosemont Museum in the cultural community;

• Newcomers Club of Pueblo and Junior League in the civic community; and

• National Jewish Health, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkview Hospital and Pueblo Infant Center in the health community.

This is a partial list, but it gives an idea of the depth and breadth of Sandy Stein’s commitment to making Pueblo a better place for all.

Mrs. Stein combined her avocation — community leadership — with her vocation as the social columnist at the Pueblo Chieftain for 26 years. Indeed, by choice — and as part of her work — Sandy Stein was a fixture at nearly every social event in Pueblo for more than a quarter century. She always arrived with a smile and her fun personality, according to her friends.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Stein was named Citizen of the Year at the 106th annual meeting of the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce. A fitting tribute to be sure, but if there were a “Citizen of the Past Half-Century Award,” it could have gone to Sandy Stein.

Sympathies go out to Sandy’s husband Marvin. He is to be thanked for marrying her and bringing her to Pueblo, a city that is all the better for having had Sandy Stein in its midst.

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