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Riva Weissbrot

Riva Weissbrot, a Holocaust survivor whose home was a haven of hospitality and love, passed away Oct. 15, 2018, in Denver. Rabbis Aver Jacobs and Benjamin Last officiated at the Oct. 16 service at EDOS. Burial followed at Rose Hill Cemetery. Feldman Mortuary made the arrangements.

“She was proud to be a business owner and proud that she educated herself and attended college,” her daughter Susie Swinkin said. “When people came for dinner, they were treated to a seven-course meal.

“Nothing stopped my mother.”

Mrs. Weissbrot was born April 15, 1927, in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Educated at a Bais Yaakov in Poland, she was deported to Ravensbrück and Auschwitz concentration camps in the Holocaust.

She met Joe Weissbrot, a Dachau survivor, in a DP camp in Germany after the war.

They were married on Jan. 7, 1947.

The couple owned Weissbrot Kosher Poultry from 1950-1973.

Mrs. Weissbrot, who took business, psychology and management classes at DU,  managed Lakewood Nursing Home for 10 years.

Mr. Weissbrot passed away on Dec. 7, 2011.

Mrs. Weissbrot was honored by Yeshiva Toras Chaim, DAT and EDOS.

She was active in her real estate career until the Sunday before her death.

Mrs. Weissbrot is survived by her children Stanley (Linda) Weissbrot of Chicago and Susie (Nahum) Swinkin of Denver; grandchildren Baruch (Yaffa) Swinkin of Israel, Shlomo (Rachael) Swinkin of NJ, and Yaffa (Moshe) Katz of Israel; and many great-grandchildren.

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