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Remember Tulo?

Remember Troy Tulowitzki? The dazzling Colorado Rockies shortstop? Well, keep remembering. The way things have turned out, his best years in baseball were in Denver, not Toronto, to whose Blue Jays the Rockies unwisely and unpopularly traded him in 2015.

O how the might have fallen. Tulowitzki was recently picked up by the New York Yankees after the Toronto Blue Jays gave up on him. This coming season Tulo’s base salary with the Yankees will be — get this — the Major League minimum. Of course, in the warped world of professional sports, that is still a whopping $555,000, but a far cry from the millions Tulo used to command (and will still receive from Toronto, which decided to eat its losses). The problem is, the Colorado Rockies’ memorable infielder — he of the graceful arm and powerful bat, he of the Golden Glove and the All Star game — has not been able to keep himself healthy. He’s missed whole seasons. He’s played minimally in other seasons. Meanwhile, another former Denver star, basketball’s Carmello Anthony, was cut by the Houston Rockets after 10 games and has not been heard from since.

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