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Raphael Klebanov

Raphael Klebanov

Longtime BMH-BJ member Raphael Klebanov passed away on October 31, 2022. He was 62. A service was held November 12 at Mount Nebo Memorial Park, officiated by Rabbi Mendel Sirota and Cantor Martin Goldstein.

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Mr. Klebanov’s family immigrated to the US in 1989. Following a few years in Philadelphia, Pa., Mr. Klebanov moved to Denver. In April, 1995, he married his wife Irina at BMH-BJ.

Mr. Klebanov was IT director for Workfusion.

Mrs. Klebanov said it was her husband’s family life that distinguished him.

“He was the best husband to me, and the best father to our three boys,” Mrs. Klebanov said. “His family was the most important thing to him, and having a solid Jewish family was his life goal.”

His eulogy, read on Nov. 12, contained this remark: “He didn’t care much about climbing a career ladder; all that mattered was making sure his family was well, happy and content.”

Mr. Klebanov’s parents, the late Elka and Vevel Klebanov, were history teachers in Minsk, and it was evident that learning was instilled in their son.

“Raphael loved reading,” it was noted in his eulogy. “He was like a walking encyclopedia – you just needed to pinpoint the subject and Raphael was ready to share the wealth of his knowledge.”

Survivors include Mr. Klebanov’s wife Irina; children Moshe, Ari and Leeb; and brother Alex Klebanov.

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