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Purim’s relevance in 2017

In our respective childhoods, Purim was a time to dress up, stamp our feet, shake our groggers and fall into a blissful sleep on the ride home.

It was fun — but this Purim might be a little different, for good reason.

A large portion of this week’s IJN is about anti-Semitism. Page One, without exception, focuses entirely on bomb threats, desecrated cemeteries and hateful acts committed by persons unknown.

That’s why Purim, the holiday in which Jews face their enemies squarely and triumph over them, is more relevant than ever in 2017.

This Purim we are all Esthers fighting against mindless hatred. Good people of all religious faiths and political persuasions stand with us. When you raise your grogger this weekend, look around. Many hands rise with ours.

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