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Pro-Israel groups answer anti-Israel RTD ad

The pro-Israel ads that will be running on RTD buses.A coalition of three pro-Israel grassroots groups have stepped forward to answer the anti-Israel advertisement currently running on Denver buses.

The ad was paid for by supporters of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement that targets Israel politically.

The ad depicts an Arab woman sitting in ruins with the title: “Israel’s War Crimes. Your tax dollars at work.”

The response ads were organized locally by Americans Against Terrorism.

AAT began by recruiting financial help from another local grassroots group, Action Israel, then contacted StandWithUs, a national group headquartered in Los Angeles, which had already comitted to running a counter ad and had designed an ad responding to a similar campaign in Portland, Ore., as reported in the IJN, Dec. 26.

The new ads will feature the logos of all three groups.

One will show an American flag with the title, “Not with our tax dollars: Stop US aid for Palestinian terrorism” and “Learn more at”

The second ad features two Israeli coins minted with the same menorah (Jewish candelabra). One coin is from antiquity and one is modern. The words read: “Israel Home of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years.”

Lamar Advertising, which manages advertising on the RTD transport network, confirmed to StandWithUs that the campaign will run January 19 through February 15, StandWithUs told the IJN.

Each ad will appear five times, running on ten RTD buses in total. The buses operate out of RTD’s East Metro Garage. The advertisements, will run on the same bus routes as the anti-Israel ad that appeared in late December, 2014.

Dr. Neil Dobro, chair of AAT, told the IJN:

“We wanted to turn the lies about Israel into something positive. I suppose we can thank the Israel haters for creating unity among the three groups and in the Jewish community.

“It is clear that by helping us get out the truth, the haters have caused more harm to their cause than good. We plan to increase our efforts to get out Israel’s message.”

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