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Poll: Who did you vote for?

Election week has become a real thing. It’s Thursday afternoon and we still don’t know who won the presidential election. It seems a game of chicken is also emerging, with outlets fearful of calling states that could secure the election for a candidate. Basically in such a heated contest, no one wants to take responsibility for making that call!

Biden, left, Trump, right, each pictured on election night, Nov. 3, 2020. (Getty)

Perhaps we’ll know by later today; maybe we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. But what we do know is that in Colorado, the vote went strongly for Biden, as it did in New Mexico. Two other “Intermountain” states, Utah and Wyoming, went for Trump.

So how did Rocky Mountain Jew readers vote? This poll is completely anonymous, so be honest!

The poll is now closed.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Who did you vote for?

  1. debwrome

    American Jews should care more about the terrible mess this country is in under the leadership of the most selfish criminal narcissistic president in our nation’s history. Between Bibi and Trump, Israel is in deep trouble and all the agreements between Israel and some Arab countries are merely deals. Brokered by the corrupt President and his very stupid son in law. deals that will not happen without them. they made sure of that

  2. Mary Lem

    Interesting Trump is pro Israel, because of the Torah, those who bless Israel will be bless and those who curse Israel will be curse. It clearly written what the God of Israel has to say in the Torah.


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