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Political ice cream

“I’m Peach Mint” is one of High Point Creamery’s latest flavors, the Denver Post’s Restaurant Digest reports.

With its location in Hilltop and its kosher certification, High Point has become well known to Jewish consumers. So IJN readers might be interested in the story behind this latest flavor. High Point isn’t known for flavor names like the traditional “Strawberry” or “Rocky Road,” so it might take a second for the penny to drop: I’m Peach Mint = Impeachment.

In response to the Digest’s inquiry about the meaning of the name, wwner Erika Thomas said, “We’re happy to support the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network in these turbulent economic times.” Ten percent of I’m Peach Mint’s sales will be donated to the group the Digest reports.

Thomas’ statement raises a few questions:

One: What do we think, as consumers, of food purveyors taking an overt political stand through the products they’re selling? The idea of corporate social responsibility, where companies donate part of their proceeds to charity is a nice one (although it carries its own issues, for example, the charity can serve as a “get out of jail free card” regarding a company’s ethics). Of course, not all consumers might agree with the destination of these funds. But that’s different to branding a product “I’m Peach Mint” with a political statement.

Two: Do people understand what an impeachable offense is? Or are we merely living in the age of hyperbole, where if one disagrees vehemently with the executive, one proposes the most extreme solution — impeachment — even though no impeachable offense has taken place.

Three: What do Trump’s executive orders on immigration have to do with “turbulent economic times?”

We’d love to have your take on these questions. And, most important — have you tried the new flavor? Is it tasty? Post a comment!

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