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Playoff fever

On my way into work on Tuesday, the morning after the Avalanche’s spectacular overtime win against the San Jose Sharks, I heard a most amazing stat. According to the Altitude Sports Radio morning show on May 7, that night’s Nuggets game against the Portland Trailblazers would mark 15 straight days of playoff sports in Denver. Wow! When was the last time that happened? Possibly never, and if it has, not one of the show’s hosts could recall it.

Not only are we Coloradans privileged to watch our teams compete at the highest level, we’re also witnessing the breakouts of future hall of famers, athletes like Nathan MacKinnon or my favorite, Nikola Jokic.

This past week I traveled overseas to Baku, Azerbaijan, which is 10 hours ahead of Mountain time. Trying to follow the playoffs was utterly confusing. When and how it happened I don’t know, but somehow, when I returned to Denver both the Nuggets and Avalanche were still in it; so is the Eastern Conference hockey team I’m supporting (Hurricanes, if you’re interested).

By the time this paper comes out, it could be all over for both the Nuggets and the Avs. But as a fan, I have to believe it won’t be. Either way, nothing will change how thrilling it’s been. The social media chatter, the tailgates, the electric environment inside “the Can.”

Now, why was I in Baku? I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you in these pages.

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