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Plaudits to the University of Denver

As this is being written (Wednesday afternoon), there remains an element of suspense about President Barack Obama’s debate against challenger Mitt Romney at the University of Denver.

We don’t know (as readers now do) whether either candidate bested the other, or whether their inherent smarts and political insight kept them from the dreaded rhetorical slip-ups and gaffes.

Long after the debate headlines fade, however, what will remain relevant is the fact that DU was selected as the venue for the first candidates’ debate in what virtually everyone considers an election of great historical significance.

This cannot be overstated.

It shows that the university, once a relatively obscure if respected institution, once known as much for its pleasant and shady campus as for its academic excellence, has come a long way indeed.

What an amazing honor to be chosen to host such an important event.

What a tribute to the many people who have worked patiently and diligently over the decades to create, improve and expand DU, from the pioneer Methodists who founded it, to the many supporters and alumni who sustained it (including a good many Jews), to the university’s former chancellor, the amazing Daniel Ritchie, who worked so hard — and so readily put his money where his mouth was — to usher the school into the 21st century.

For that matter, what an honor this debate constitutes for the entire Denver metro area. From the G-8 to the DNC to the JFNA’s General Assembly last year — and now the  presidential debate — Denver has become an important American city.

Mind you, we never counted ourselves among those Denverites whose inferiority complex compelled them to utter the word “cowtown” with an embarrassed grimace — we believe Denver has been a wonderful place for a very long time, even when it was a cowtown — but still, it’s mighty nice to know that you count.

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