Wednesday, October 16, 2019 -
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Pesach with the IJN

Passover may seem long at eight days, but if you’ve got the IJN boredom won’t be an issue! Our three-section Passover edition is published today and is packed with stories ranging from news to Passover features (including many tasty kosher for Passover recipes), business stories focusing on innovation in Israel and of course our regular columnists, letters to the editor, Shmoos column and community happenings in Today’s Life…plus pictures from President Obama’s trip to Israel this week.

We’ve also got a selection of Passover stories online, so if you’re looking for holiday inspiration make sure to stop by And for the full three sections, contact Carol ( to order your copy!

From our columnists:

From the Editorial page:

Passover food features:

  • Eileen Goltz’s “Handy-Dandy” Passover substitution list
  • Helen Nash’s Chicken Salad, Marinated Salmon & Chicken with Olives
  • Rocky Mountain Jew, “Past Passover favorites

From Passover features:

Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover – and happy reading!

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