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Persecution of Christians

As anyone with an email address knows, sometimes you get on lists without having any idea how. Often these emails are irritating, but I have found that they can also be informative. Over the years I have remained subscribed to many.

One of the most informative, yet at the same time one of the most disturbing, is that of the British Asian Christian Association, led by Wilson Chowdhry. Chowdhry’s aim is to bring to light a topic that is rarely discussed: the persecution of Christians in the Asian subcontinent, with specific focus on Pakistan.

He diligently reports every attack perpetrated against Christians. Some are truly horrific, from acid assaults to rapes to murders. I’ve noticed that I rarely read about these attacks anywhere else. Was it reported anywhere in US media that on Easter Monday four family members were shot dead in Quetta, Pakistan on their way to share a festive meal with family? I didn’t see it.

Chowdhry reminds me of Hillel Neuer of UN Watch. In advocating for human rights and fighting anti-Israel bias at the UN Human Rights Council, Neuer brings before the council victims of human rights abuses from across the world, who then publicly share their harrowing stories with the council.

Both Neuer and Chowdhry are trying to bring to light abuses that are often unknown, sometimes for nefarious reasons, as both might argue.

To my knowledge, the plight of Christians in Pakistan is not a topic on the floor of the Human Rights Council. Perhaps Hillel Neuer can help Wilson Chowdhry get it there.

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