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Past Passover favorites 5775

Passover is well and truly upon us, kicking off tomorrow evening at sundown. By now most of us have moved past the cleaning phase** (well, the organized among us at least!) and are into the seder prep and cooking stages. Here are some of our past Passover favorites, ranging from physical to spiritual nourishment.

Happy cooking!

    • Chocolate Idiot Cake: We do this one every year, but Passover just wouldn’t be Passover for us without David Lebovitz’s decadent flourless chocolate cake. It’s so rich than just a sliver does the job, making this cake last far beyond one meal. In fact it’s often the only dessert we bake during Pesach!

    • Green Onion Quinoa Cakes: We tested these last year and they’re fantastic little pillows of savory, crunchy goodness. Perfect for a side dish, with a small dollop of herbed yogurt.

  • Alternative Way to Bake on Passover: Our guide to baking on Passover, sans flour and other tricky-to-find kosher-for-Passover ingredients.
  • Seder insights 5774 & 5773: Commentary and ideas on some of the tougher questions of the Haggadah.
  • **PS: If you’re one of those that’s still in the cleaning phase, check out our Guide to Passover Cleaning.

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