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Palestinian method of terror in Nice

As of press time, it is still somewhat murky just what the motive of last week’s terrorist in Nice was. Was he an Islamic terrorist? A representative of ISIS, whether by formal link or inspiration? Was he mentally unstable? Disturbed on a personal basis by the break-up of his marriage? All of the above?

We may not be certain of the motive, but we can be certain of the method. Car ramming as a method of terror was unknown until “invented” by Palestinian terrorists in recent years, who added the motor vehicle to the kitchen knife as the current, preferred terrorist weapon. Drive a car or a bus into a crowd: that is the latest “contribution” of Palestinian terrorists.

They planted an idea. It was taken up by the terrorist in Nice: Drive a truck into a crowd.

What is first done to Israel is then done to others. What is first justified, overlooked or rationalized about terrorism against Israelis is the proverbial chicken that comes home to roost. What is excused when the terrorist is a Palestinian is used against non-Israelis without regard to religion, race, nationality, ethnicity or grievance.

For those paying attention to the latest malevolence originating among Palestinians, the use of a truck in Nice was no surprise. It was sad, it was outrageous, it was appalling, it was inhumane, it was devastating; it was the transmogrification of a lovely instrument of civilization into a deliberate instrument of death — but it was not a surprise. Palestinian terrorism needs to be condemned unequivocally rather than “understood.” Evil is evil. A car ramming is but an example.

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