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Jack Goldman, 1923-2009

How can it possibly be said that a loved one’s death is a victory? Make no mistake, Jack Goldman — who passed away last week — was a loved one, […]

Second guessing can hurt us

MY friend Kate has turned “second guessing” into an art form. In less time than it takes to say Mexican food, she can change her mind three times about where

Your pet’s Jewish name

Dear Tzviling, My wife Leah and I are married for six years and do not have any children. We are working with a fertility specialist, but we realize everything depends...

Abraham and Sarah’s tent: Jewish green

ABRAHAM and Sarah’s tent by the oaks of Mamre (near Hebron) was open — on four sides, to guests and the elements alike. While Abraham is famous for welcoming three...

Terrorism in Tel Aviv

It would be obscene to say that a Jew lost to terrorism in one incident is worse than a Jew lost to terrorism in another incident. Still, the pain digs […]

Obama’s comparison of the Holocaust to Palestinian suffering

A Nazi soldier was carrying lollipops in his pocket. He asked Jewish children whether they wanted a lollipop. When they said yes and opened their mouths, the Nazi shot...

Two Pestos’ cousin

HAVE I got a sandwich for you ?. . . It all began long ago in a galaxy far far away in King Soopers marketplace in Denver, Colorado. That is […]

Painful follow up

Has Tisha b’Av taught us nothing? Last week, in Tel Aviv, two people were killed in an attack on a gay community center. The homicide suspect: probably Jewish. On...

Tisha b’Av links to the…IJN

This past Thursday marked Tisha b’Av, the day where we mourn the destruction of both the first and second temples. The Talmud in Yoma tells us that while the First...

The president, the judge and the Torah student

A PRESIDENT of the US, we should reasonably assume, has a lot of friends. It should also be assumed that they receive no better or worse treatment from the government...