Wednesday, November 30, 2022 -
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Time for President Bush to nominate judges

Under the best of circumstances, legal proceedings take time. Patience is required no matter what side of the table one is on. It is incumbent upon all concerned to do...

Should Israel dismantle checkpoints to make life easier for the Palestinians?

Checkpoints criss-cross the West Bank and the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. They make it difficult for Palestinians to travel to work, to friends or...

The ghost’s ghost

I’ve never had a ghost writer. But what about a ghost’s ghost? That would be Andrea Jacobs, IJN senior writer. I drift by Andrea’s window, tossing out the standard,...

Good and bad

Something difficult happened the other day when someone’s knee jerk reaction was blithely declaring that everything G-d does is for the best. They proceeded with a...

Will the real Kabbalah please stand up?

What do Madonna, Demi Moore and Britney Spears have in common with 16th-century Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria?< If you ask most Jews, absolutely nothing but a misguided...

Legislature responds to special needs

It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. Likewise, aid delayed is life decayed –– until last week, when a bipartisan group of Colorado state legislators...

The specter of an Iranian pincer on Israel’s northern and souther borders

I. Two seemingly disconnected items actually tell the story, and a sorry one at that, of Israel today. Item #1: The JTA news service reports that Egypt is negotiating...

Happy Birthday, Israel!

As we all know, this month is Israel’s 60th birthday. I’d like to briefly examine what this means, to reach the big 6-0. A 60-year old man or woman would […]

Sixty Years Young

The modern state of Israel is six decades — 60-years-old, yet she seems so young. When walking the land, living the Israeli life, or thinking of her recent...

Denver Post Editor Greg Moore visits Israel

Denver Post Editor Greg Moore visited Israel, Feb. 7-17, on an ADL mission. It was his first visit to Israel. Upon his return he sat for an interview. It was […]


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