Wednesday, June 3, 2020 -
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Jew vs. Jew — violently — in Hebron

It is chilling to see Jewish stars smeared on Muslim graves and Palestinian homes in Hebron, with the word “vengeance” (scrawled in Hebrew) also defacing the home....

Seek a ‘soulmate’ in Tel Aviv

JDate, Frumster, your nagging mother . . . these are all means through which to meet your Jewish significant other in America. Of course, there’s always synagogue,...

Money, money, money

Money: it’s all everyone is talking about, and we aren’t alluding to pennies for our thoughts. Nope, it’s all about the billions now. 34 billion, 150...

Remember the pain

I received an email from a Jewish organization that operates in India (not Chabad). It said that after last week’s terrorist attack, it has become clear that terrorism...

Let technology help you with genealogy

Since my last column focused on organizing your paper genealogy, we’ll focus this time on using your computer to organize all those genealogy material. While many...

The cry of the orphan

After our attention was captured for three days by hazy reports about the siege in Mumbai, amorphous rumors whether they were dead or alive, and hopeful, hopeful prayer...

George Wise, 1924-2008

Nothing made George Wise angrier than Holocaust deniers. Although he was a man who preached tolerance and practiced it in his own life, he was utterly intolerant of...

Rampage in Hebron

According to news reports, some 40 Jewish youths smashed windows in private homes in a Palestinian neighborhood in Hebron, and also slashed tires there. They are also...

‘It’s not just Israel’s problem’ is not just a line

Going back many years, Israeli ambassadors and other leaders have said of Iran, “It’s not just Israel’s problem. It’s the world’s problem.” This has often been...

Within tragedy, light

It seems unbelievable. Just two weeks ago, two Rocky Mountain Jew entries ago, we reflected on Kristallnacht, on evil, on destruction. And on the importance of...


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