Friday, May 29, 2020 -
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Endowments are not forever

The unimaginable sums of tzedakah lost by Bernard Madoff, not to mention the trillions lost in the stock market, set me to thinking about “secure” investments. My...

Modern day war calendar

While most Americans around me are on a consumerist binge, dealing with the excess of the holiday season and her aftermath, namely spectacular sales, Israel is living...

Stereotyping: Wounding with words

My friend Karen told me about an incident that happened to her recently which really hurt and angered her. It started out as a harmless Sunday morning junket to some...

Arnie Zaler – out and about in Israel?

This morning, looking at Failed Messiah – a blog dedicated to exposing corruption in the Orthodox world – a certain headline sent the alarm bells ringing:...

Pile of books

As I’ve mentioned in earlier entries, a holiday highlight for me is settling in with the ever-growing pile of books I’ve accumulated, well, since the last...

A lesson Israel could learn from Hamas

On December 19 Hamas announced that it was cancelling it adherence to the ceasefire with Israel. Hamas did not wince, nor worry what the “nations of the world” would...

A most welcome approach: genocide prevention

A most welcome development in Washington is a new approach to genocide prevention — a task force that recommends a way to predict or halt genocides before they start,...

A Chanukah miracle, 5769

People in search of a Chanukah miracle this season need look no further than their own backyard –– or DIA’s,to be exact. Last Saturday night (the night before...

Chanukah: ?Give me Judaism or give me death’

The main theme of Chanukah is assimilation, that is, the impiety and destructiveness of assimilation. Yet, I almost never meet a Jew who says he is assimilated. However...


Here in New York, we just got that first gentle snowfall of the season. And I was elated. As always, standing by the windowsill I took great pleasure in parting the...


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