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View from Denver

Remember the pain

I received an email from a Jewish organization that operates in India (not Chabad). It said that after last week’s terrorist attack, it has become clear that terrorism...

Lessons from Rabbi Brafman’s bypass surgery

I must admit, I winced when I first heard the term, “health opportunity.” In fact, I didn’t get it. This person had cancer. What was the “opportunity?” I was...

America’s first majority president

Barack Obama, America’s first minority president? No, in the new America, Obama is the first majority president. What is the new America? Observe the foot traffic in...

The girl in the green sweater lived in Lvov’s sewers for 14 months

The girl in the green sweater lived in the sewers of Lvov, Poland, for 14 months. For 12 months, she lived with the thousands of rats, with the raw sewage, […]


Who would justify his religious identity, however large or small, on the basis of blood? By blood, I don’t mean bloodline or heredity or peoplehood. I mean blood: the...

Why I am voting against 48 (the pro-life amendment)

I received the recent ADL bulletin, “urging” me to vote no on 46 and 48. I do not urge anyone to vote one way or the other on these amendments […]

My least favorite ‘text’ is the Torah

One of my least favorite words is “text” — as in “text of Torah.” Any text can be exciting or dull, subtle or stupid, frightening or intimidating; basically, rich...

The D word

Just how does one pray on Yom Kippur and Sukkot when the world might be headed for a ?. . . depression? What will become of people and institutions that […]

I was G-d’s angel

I received a phone call from 1870. This is what the caller told me: I was G-d’’s angel. I never dreamed. This was supposed to be the time when I […]

Four local authors: Goldstein, Dollin, Brackman, Jaffe

Was Ivan Goldstein a Holocaust survivor? Well, no, you would say. He was an American, not a European Jew. He fought with the Americans in WW II. That’s not a […]