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COVID vaccinations for children?

I am vaccinated and am happy I am vaccinated. I encouraged everyone I know to get vaccinated. I would say the same for children if — and it’s apparently an

60 times

60 times. Why not 61? If I were so passionate about a certain subject in the Torah that I reviewed it 60 times, would anybody be surprised if I proceeded […]

‘Peace process’ . . . ‘Systemic racism’

If ever there were disproof of the viability of the Israel-Palestinian “peace process,” it was the Abraham Accords signed last year. Four Muslim countries made, not...

Counting money

It was long ago. Not only the time before cellphones in Israel, but even before the time that most people had phones in their own homes. That’s the way it […]

Lips murmuring from the grave

I doubt whether there was a single Jew on the globe with the practical Jewish skills of Rabbi Yisrael Gornish, who left us last week. He was a mohel. A […]

The Heavenly Jerusalem

Tradition speaks of the earthly Jerusalem and the Heavenly Jerusalem. For me, the earthly Jerusalem is already in Heaven. When we came to Jerusalem in 1972, where we...

Blessed is the ache

I could rue Israel’s endless political gridlock, or bemoan the missing screw in the Pesach pot that used to hold its knob in place, or wonder what will be, given...

I must be living in the wrong country

Either my perception is badly blunted, or I am living in the wrong country. My life is so odd, so unlike what I am told is pervasive out there. Here it […]


PASSOVER EDITION 5781 SECTION A PAGE 4 My mentor and friend, Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish says, “I love Pesach. Pesach is a different world.” Indeed. Something as...

Equity vs. equality

If all that “equity” connoted in current discourse were “equality,” this column would not be written. The emergence of “equity” as a political and ethical...