Sunday, June 23, 2024 -
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Fight or flight

In these past 100-plus days, I keep thinking about fight-or-flight, the body’s stress response to threats. Which, fleeing or fighting, carries the highest possibility...

Livnot b’Yachad

As I sat in the closing plenary of the JNF-USA Global Conference late last year, I knew that the vision Russell Robinson was outlining about rebuilding Israel’s south...

Letter from Switzerland

There are things in Switzerland one will rarely, if ever, see in the US, or Denver specifically.

My best books of 2023

Books, along with watching old episodes of “MasterChef Australia,” have become my lifeline. This wasn’t altogether surprising since I’m proud of my membership in...

Stalinism returns

When I cracked open Beyond the Wall, a new book about East Germany, I didn’t expect it to resonate so srongly with current events.

Theatre of the absurd

The more information we have, the stupider we get, it seems. Back when I worked in academia, specifically on international relations websites, this was a hot topic. The...

A few dollars to spare

When Black Lives Matters protests took place across the country, including here in Denver, causing, incidentally, the same kind of barricading of civil spaces that the...


As the news and videos of hostages being released started coming in, I was surprised to find myself depressed.


As Thanksgiving approached this year, I wondered how I would be able to feel a sense of gratitude, and hominess, when our brothers and sisters are being held hostage in...

‘We’re still here’

The premiere of “Kesher: The West Side Jewish Connection” could not have come at a better time.