Wednesday, March 22, 2023 -
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Shalom, Satan

The white pureness of the Jerusalem Sabbath here was punctured by the blood of hate when a terrorist killed seven people outside a synagogue.

Subzero — no complaints

Subzero temperatures like the ones we’ve been experiencing transport me to the New York-Canadian border in the 1860s and the winter of 1880-1881 in the Dakota...

Letter from Jerusalem

All of Israel screams one word: Future! Reflections on visiting Jerusalem by Rabbi Hillel Goldberg.

Workaholics of the world unite!

Long ago, I had a boss who worked long hours. Commendable yes, but all too frequently and loudly he bragged of his Protestant work ethic. Each time he pointedly looked...

In Denver: the slow 
road home

At long last, Denver City Council has completed the purchase of a former hotel that will be revamped into housing for the homeless.

Experiencing a disability

Yesterday, my smartphone decided to provide me with the experience of what living in an exclusively auditory world feels like.

Curious, not spurious, George

When I saw John Darkow’s political cartoon I was simultaneously impressed and upset. In the Columbia Missourian, Darkow cleverly transformed one of my favorite...

A Rich Life

A book about Richard Male’s life, A Rich Life, is not an autobiography, nor was it written years ago. It was written under the sword hanging over Male’s head these...

The Titanic had a kosher kitchen. Who knew?

“Titanic, The Exhibition,” is now showing in New York City. It’s been advertised as “a journey through the Titanic’s true story,” further saying, “immerse...

‘The Dropout’

Is this the paradox of getting old? On one hand, events that feel like they occurred yesterday happened years ago. On the other hand, it’s hard to remember when...