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From an I to a we

“If I Forget You Jerusalem — Then let it be that I forget My right hand” — Psalm 137 When Shabbos comes to a close this week, Tisha b’Av will […]

‘Laila Lavan’

A few weeks ago, Tel Aviv pulled an all-nighter. Every summer, the municipality of Tel Aviv puts on Laila Lavan (White Night), during which the city is alive with free...


Aba. Such a simple word. Made up of the first two letters of the alphabet. Aleph-Bet-Aleph. And yet . . . so much in the space of those two letters. […]

Damned if you . . . damned if you don’t

To read the Israeli news of the prisoner exchange is to read and cry. What a dark day. Truly, a day of mourning and grief. It seems like the official […]

Should Israel attack Iran?

It is difficult to imagine Israel attacking Iran. It is, however, more difficult to imagine Israel not attacking Iran. Consider three questions: First, does Iran mean...

A kid’s delight, an adult’s nightmare

If I can succeed, somehow, in capturing the utter craziness of this museum in Switzerland, I guarantee you this: In reality, it’s twice as crazy, ten times as crazy,...

Not your typical war story

White hair.Very long white sidelocks, payos.Tall.Imposing.A perfect stereotype.A chasidic Jew.Very spiritual looking.Very other worldly.Beautiful visage.Somebody living...

Some nifty websites

My last column about great Jewish genealogy websites focused on the best site, Jewishgen.org. But a few more mentions are in order. With several of these websites, it is...

The art of living with uncertainty

When we are young we live with certainty. We have that wonderful feeling of waking up in the morning and having a force of certaintly. We pretty much know what

Yehoshua and Elisheva

Everything was normal. The groom’s smile could melt a glacier. The bride’s radiance permeated everyone present. People danced. Rabbis blessed. Guests flew in from many...