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Matzo Chronicles

Liar, Liar. My pants are on fire

We all know lying is wrong. Bad. Evil. “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” We are admonished not to lie from childhood on. It’s the Golden Rule, right?

Mournful and lustful

As I age, I find myself in a constant tug-of-war between two contrary emotions — mourning and lust.

Naivete with the KGB . . . and with Sasha

Growing up, I was more New Yorker than Jew. More Las Vegan than landsman. More my father’s daughter than one of the Chosen People. At least that’s what I thought,...

Misadventures of a Broadway baby

It was supposed to be a great adventure, set to begin with me heading off to NYC for a once-in-a-lifetime theater workshop featuring a host of Broadway luminaries.

Sweet memories of a short-order cook

For months in the winter of 1966, at 5:30 a.m., my father and I would drive from Stony Brook, Long Island into Manhattan where he had his electrical shop, and I had my...

Questions for a 100-year-old person

Whenever you read a newspaper interview of someone celebrating their 100th birthday, it’s always upbeat. Invariably, the centennial celebrant is asked some variation...

Workaholics of the world unite!

Long ago, I had a boss who worked long hours. Commendable yes, but all too frequently and loudly he bragged of his Protestant work ethic. Each time he pointedly looked...

Home sweet home

What does the word “home” mean? I’m not talking about a physical structure but more broadly, about the place you feel content and most at peace. The place where...

Compton, Oh Compton

People of the Book, yes. But which one? Encyclopedia Britannica? World Book?

Grandma’s Kreplach: Calories and memories

Now you may not know what kreplach is. And even if you think you know what it is, you never had kreplach the way my Hungarian grandmother, Ida Kirschen, made it.