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Survey results: Status quo at Temple Mount

The Temple Mount has always been a point of Israeli-Arab conflagration, that backdrop to regular violent flare ups.

The bounty of the first harvest is something to be celebrated and shared on Shavuot. (Wikimedia Commons)

Shavuot: A bounty of customs

We’re coming up on another holiday that, like Lag b’Omer, has some customs whose origins no one knows with certainty.

We’ve been cutting hair on Lag b’Omer for centuries

Lag b’Omer is one of those minor holidays that we all tend to be a little confused by. Bonfires? Weddings? Concerts? Haircuts?

Temple Mount status quo: Yes or no?

IJN poll on Temple Mount and the Status Quo agreement.

Charoset from around the world

Charoset recipes for Passover from global Jewish communities.

What is your favorite Entenmann’s?

What's your favorite Entenmann's?

This year, try ‘pizza-taschen’

Barring one or two rare exceptions, the kosher frozen section in most Denver grocery stories have, for decades, consisted of the same products

The Jewish man who defended the Scottsboro Boys

During Black History Month, which came to a close on Feb. 28, stories and experiences of black Americans are remembered and highlighted. For the National Library of...

Even before liberation, global Jewry was mourning the Holocaust

Even before the Holocaust ended, Jewish leadership was considering how to commemorate those who had been brutally murdered by the Nazi regime.

Top Ten worst UN actions of 2021

Every year, UN Watch, an NGO that monitors the UN Human Rights Council, publishes its Top Ten list of the UN’s most egregious actions in the calendar year.