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On the call

Like many of you, I regularly battle with my internet provider when my “promotion” elapses and suddenly my service fee shoots up. In the last round, I was forced to sign up for television when it worked out cheaper than internet only, which is what I wanted. While I’ve really enjoyed watching football games — perhaps enjoyed isn’t the right word, considering the dismal Broncos season — I’m still partial to radio for sports games.

With the visual element removed, a great announcer has to bring — solely through his voice (I’ve yet to hear a female call a game) — an excitement and sense of urgency that isn’t strictly necessary for a television announcer.

Where it really astounds me is with fast-moving sports, like hockey. I’ve got a hard enough time following the puck when I’m at a game.

The skill of articulating every single movement is one that amazes me.

Marc Moser, the announcer for the Colorado Avalanche on Altitude 950, is one my favorites. I just love listening to this guy. He infuses personality, passion and a heck of a lot of knowledge into his reporting, making you feel like you’re in the arena.

Speaking of radio voices: I think an alternate career awaits Vance Joseph, if (when?) it turns out that being a head coach isn’t the right fit.

Marc, if you’re ever looking for company on the call, I’m your gal. I would love to be part of your announcing experience for just one evening.

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