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Not your regular dogs

Just in time for Independence Day celebrations, we came across a tasty article the other day from The Forward, all about kosher hot dogs. These go way beyond the classic Hebrew National and enter the realms of Spanish chorizo, Swiss cervelat and Moroccon merguez. Don’t even know what those are? Don’t worry, if it’s got a foreign name it must be really special! On a serious note, these are high quality sausages, nitrate-free, creatively seasoned and in some cases grass-fed and organic.

The critical question is, are any of these gourmet dogs available in the Metro area? The tragic answer, overall, is no, however it’s not as bad as it sounds. Most of these companies take online orders, so maybe all the salivating during the research will not go entirely unrequited (although we’ll be dreaming about the menu at Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Deli for more than one night).

Abeles & Heymann: The East Side Kosher Deli carries some of their stock so you may get lucky. Otherwise, order online.

Jack’s Gourmet: Ordering from this outfit is like taking a virtual trip around the world, from South African Boerewors to Jamaican style jerk chicken to Polish kielbasa. Even better, East Side Kosher carries their stock.

Grow & Behold: These are the guys offering kielbasa, merguez, bratwurst and chorizo. Can’t decide? Try their summer sampler, which you can order online and have delivered to your door.

Prime Butcher Baker: This Manhattan butcher offers sausages with an Asian flavor, like a Korean BBQ beef sausage or honey apple miso veal sausage. Too fancy? They do 100% beef too.

KOL Foods: Grass-fed, nitrate-free hot dogs from across the globe, such as kielbasa, bratwurst and merguez. All available for order online.

Let us know if any of these end up on your grill on the Fourth!

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