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New identity for community icon

NEARLY 45 years ago, Elaine Wolf — at the suggestion of her mother Lillian Kagan — had a vision of affordable living for seniors under the auspices of the Denver Jewish community, but with funding from the federal government.

Wolf went to the Allied Jewish Council — the umbrella fundraising and planning organization for the Denver Jewish community — and sold the movers and shakers, mainly Executive Vice President Nat Rosenberg, on the need for such a facility.

Between Elaine Wolf’s drive, the Allied’s outreach and Rosenberg’s expertise, Wolf’s vision was realized.

In August, 1971, the Allied Jewish Apartments opened its doors to the first lucky residents. It’s been full-steam ahead ever since.

Forty-four years, thousands of residents and three buildings later, the Allied Jewish Apartments is entering a brand new era. The operative word here is “brand.”

When the facility opened, it was a program of the Allied Jewish Council — later known as the Allied Jewish Federation, now JEWISHcolorado — and it only provided affordable apartments for seniors. Hence the name Allied Jewish Apartments.

So much has changed since then. The time for rebranding had come.

The new name, Kavod Senior Life, is much more than a name for a sign, according to its leaders. It’s a new concept into which Allied Jewish Apartments has evolved.

“We started the rebranding process because people were confused about who we are. We wanted to correct that confusion and also create some future plans,” explains Debbie Reinberg, chair of the organization’s strategic planning committee.

Part of the confusion was that although Allied Jewish Federation helped found and fund AJA, that relationship ended more than 20 years ago when AJA became financially independent of the federation.

The AJA rebranding process began in March, 2013, about six months before the Allied Jewish Federation announced the results of its own rebranding, which retired the “Allied” name in favor of “JEWISHcolorado.”

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