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Michal Peleg-Uziyahu: Outgoing shlicha

Michal's family: Twins Ofri and Ron, husband Amir, daughter Shira and her father Amnon Uziyahu.ON AN early morning at JEWISHcolorado, Michal Peleg-Uziyahu arrives clutching a cup of coffee but never takes a sip. Her rapid-fire words, a delicious blend of decaf and the real stuff — heavily accented English and Hebrew — omit the opportunity.

Peleg-Uziyahu, who became Israel’s shlicha (emissary) to Colorado in 2011, is leaving her Denver-based post in mid-June of this year.

Spurred by memories, accomplishments and intimations of the future, the “almost” 38-year-old Israeli from the Negev is amiable, animated, funny, dedicated and emphatic.

“I was — oh my gosh — 34 when I came here,” says Peleg-Uziyahu, who arrived with her husband Amir, their daughter (now 10) and twin sons (now eight). “It wasn’t really a hard move.

“First of all, it was my decision and my husband’s decision. We thought it might be a nice adventure.

“I was for working for the Negev Development Authority then, and we wanted to stay in this zone of doing something for the community and public service.”

Peleg-Uziyahu knew Raz Arbel, Denver’s former shaliach (2007-2009), whose departure carved a temporary halt in the shlichut program in Colorado due to lack of funding.

“I was in the process of training to be a shlicha at that time,” she recalls. “Suddenly I get a phone call: ‘Colorado is back in the game. You will be interviewed.’ Lucky me, I was chosen to come here.”

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