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Matzah campaign in Colorado Springs

Rabbi Moshe and Zeldie Liberow prepare matzah packages.

Rabbi Moshe and Zeldie Liberow prepare matzah packages.


Chabad-Lubavitch of Southern Colorado held its annual pre-Passover matzah distribution campaign, which has been running annually since the branch was founded in 2001.

The idea originated with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in 1954 when he encouraged his emissaries to reach out to Jewish people in their communities and distribute special shmurah matzah for the seder night.

Shmurah matzah means that the wheat was guarded by strict rabbinical supervision from the time of harvest.

“Matzah is known in kabbalistic sources as the bread of faith, particular of the first night,” says Rabbi Moishe Liberow, director.

“It’s our goal that every Jew in Colorado Springs get a piece of this special matzah,” says Zeldie Liberow, co-director.

According to Rabbi Liberow, 179 Jewish households in the Colorado Springs area were reached. Matzah was also distributed to surrounding communities including Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Fountain and Monument.

Through its Roving Rabbis program, Chabad world headquarters sends volunteer yeshiva students to help with the distribution campaign.

In Colorado Springs, the Liberows’ son, Menachem Mendel, was joined by Yisroel Boruch Eisenberg of New Morristown, NJ to deliver matzah.

“Each Jew can experience Pesach with this special mitzvah of eating matzah on the seder night.”

Note: The print version of this story states that 145 households were reached; as of the Thursday, March 29, that number increased to 179.

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