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March madness

Tis the season for madness — on all sports fronts.

In basketball, whence the term originates, the Yeshiva University Maccabees made the NCAA tournament. An incredible achievement, even if Yeshiva fell at the first hurdle. Locally, the CSU Rams are in the tournament, yet the attention has more to do with the investigation and subsequent resignation of abusive coach Larry Eustachy.

Meanwhile, both the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche are battling for a playoff spot. Each team has about the same number of games remaining, and both their victories and losses seem to mirror each other. Go figure.

Of course there’s the biggest show in town: the Denver Broncos. With free agency kicking off next week, the city has gone into overdrive discussing all the permutations of the team’s possible makeup: Go all out for Washington Redskin Kirk Cousins? Don’t spend all the money in one place? Focus on the draft — where, who knows, Denver may even acquire Jewish QB Josh Rosen? Now wouldn’t that be something.

Sit back and enjoy the crazy March Madness ride!

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