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Marc Hayutin

Marc Hayutin, a native Denverite and co-founder of Santa Monica Synagogue, passed away June 11, 2019, in Santa Monica, Calif. Rabbi Erez Sherman officiated at the June 15 service. Mount Sinai Mortuary made the arrangements.

Mr. Hayutin was born April 6, 1944, in Denver to the late Irving and Sima Hayutin.

He graduated Stanford University and Harvard Law.

Mr. Hayutin married his high school sweetheart Stephanie Meffley Hayutin on June 20, 1965.

He began his career as a lawyer at Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp in Los Angeles, and then started Hayutin, Rubinroit, Praw and Kupietsky with his close partners.

Following his legal career, he became the head of real estate at Sidley.

Mr. Hayutin, a philanthropist and community volunteer, co-founded Santa Monica Synagogue.

He also served as the chair of Skid Row Housing Trust, an organization that was near and dear to his heart.

Marc Hayutin is survived by Stephanie Meffley Hayutin, his wife of 54 years; son Matthew (Lizette) Hayutin and daughter Amy Hayutin (Jesse) Contreras; grandchildren Luca, Bianca, Chloe and Elena, all of southern California; and sisters Diane Geller, Randi Storm and Adele Hayutin.

Contributions may be made to Skid Row Housing Trust,

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