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Lotsa Latkes!

lotsa-latkesThanksgivukkah and Turkey Latkes aside, Chanukah just wouldn’t be Chanukah without a batch of traditional potato latkes. As regular readers of the IJN blog will know, we’re big fans of holiday cooking and baking, and latkes are no exception! So we decided this year to cull our previous fritter recipes in all their glory. Happy frying!

Last Chanukah we got creative with our ingredients; you won’t find a potato in our “Not your average latkes” series, but will find a cornucopia of other vegetables:

Latkes elsewhere on Rocky Mountain Jew:

Happy Chanukah!

2 thoughts on “Lotsa Latkes!

  1. Laura

    Here’s a good tip if you’re looking for non-potato latkes. Google vegetable fritters/patties. I made a good one this year from Mark Bittman (new york times)…but do these count as latkas??

  2. Rocky Mountain Jew


    Good question! According to Wikipedia, potatoes are essential to latkes, so as you say, perhaps using other vegetables really doesn’t qualify as latkes.

    And a little etymology, again, from Wikipedia:
    The word “latke” itself is derived (via Yiddish) from the Russian/Ukrainian word латка meaning “patch.”


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