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Lots of ‘goings on’ in Boulder this spring

Linda LoewensteinBoulder JCC gets greener

The Boulder JCC is doing its part to help the environment, but facilities manager Jerry Pinsker says it needs more help from people who stop by, drop off and work at the building.

“We’re cutting our trash collection down to once a week so we really need to emphasize recycling,” he says. The Boulder JCC has put out bins for that purpose but many people either ignore them or don’t realize they’re for comingled containers and not trash.

“The good news,” he adds, “is we’re saving the environment by using electronic paper towel dispensers.”

Previously, the JCC would go through a roll of paper towel in a few days. With the new dispensers, a roll lasts three weeks.

Reflections results

“Eighty-thousand dollars in this economy, was a major miracle,” Linda Loewenstein, the Boulder JCC’s executive director, says of the recent fundraiser “Reflections.” Of that, the silent auction brought in $17,000.

Anti-Semitism training

The Boulder ADL will be offering anti-Semitism training for adults. This will focus exclusively on anti-Semitism in this region.


A new social scene

Still in its infancy, a new social group sponsored by Bonai Shalom is showing significant success. The pilot program targets young adults in their 20s, 30s and “40-ish” and emphasizes no kids allowed. In addition to targeting singles, the group hopes parents will take advantage of an opportunity to gather in a Jewish setting without their kids.

The most recent function –– a pre-Valentine’s dinner dubbed Valentine Schmalentine –– drew 22 people, with more events in the planning.

If you’re looking for something to do sooner, check out the Friendly Fabulous 30’s Group. This self-described group of energetic and interesting Jewish 30-somethings doesn’t have an agenda other than to hang out and make friends.

The group was created by a recent transplant who wanted a Jewish connection that her non-Jewish boyfriend could attend in comfort.


Kibbutz and nosh while the kids learn

Every Sunday from now until the end of religious school, Har Hashem will open its new Beit Café, which offers bagels, coffee and other coffee shop items. Rather than have parents head down the street for breakfast while their kids are in class, Har Hashem hopes they’ll stick around to kibbutz and surf the Web until it’s time to drive home.

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