Tuesday, July 14, 2020 -
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Lost opportunity

This past week, Obama has managed to disprove his entire platform. That perhaps government intervention is not the best policy. Well, at least when it comes to masses of people demonstrating for democratic freedoms.

On home turf, all we’ve been hearing and seeing from Obama revolves around state intervention – whether the car company bailouts, stimulus package, or the latest, health care reform, to the tune of 1.2 trillion bucks.

But taking a stand and position on what’s happening in Iran? Not possible. Of course, the new dictum, thou shalt not truly engage in foreign policy and attempt to positively influence dangerous situations (see Iran, North Korea). One exception: Israel.

Iran has a large, educated and developed dissident population. Many women are highly educated. The Iranian community abroad – not least here in the United States – is successful and influential. But what is Obama doing? Nothing. Instead of grabbing this golden opportunity to support – not even initiate, but just support – change for the better, he’s kowtowing to a Holocaust denying president and fervent Ayatollah.

This past week’s event in Iran prove once again that it’s not government that is the power force behind change, but people, individuals. We just wish Obama would take a long, hard look in the mirror and apply some of his own behavior on foreign policy to his domestic plans for bankrupting America.

One thought on “Lost opportunity

  1. M Shapiro

    100% true. What is Obama so scared of? Having an opinion? From his latest, statements, it seems like he’s finally getting the point. Finally. But is it too late?


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