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Local women entrepreneurs score highly

Beth GinsburgDenver, CO – Four local women Jewish business owners overcame the first hurdle toward making their companies million dollar revenue generators.

Jennifer Finke, founder of Red Jeweled Media, Beth Ginsburg, owner of The Bagel Store, Christen Roberts, owner of Essentia Web Works, and Shira Zimmerman, CEO of Zim Consulting, Inc., were among 250 women who participated in Make Mine a Million $ Business conference in Denver, April 4.

Participants received the opportunity to convince a panel of judges that their firms have a chance to hit it big.

Out of 157 business owners who spoke, 61 were selected as prospective winners including the four Jewish women mention above.

Judging criteria included a company’s prospects for hitting the $1 million level and the owner’s ability to articulate a vision and growth strategy — in two minutes or less.

All of the top 61 received $1,000 gift cards.Jennifer Finke

After the 61 women’s financial metrics are reviewed, a smaller group will receive a package of prizes that includes business coaching sessions, financial support, national publicity and other business services.

“This is an amazing opportunity to receive national publicity, focused business coaching and other extremely important tools that will help us beat the odds,” says Shira Zimmerman.

“National trends show that there are barriers, real or perceived, that keep women-owned businesses from reaching that million dollar level and we are bucking that trend.”

Census statistics show that female-owned businesses have fewer employees, on average, than male-owned firms and are significantly less likely to grow to $1 million in annual sales.

Shira ZimmermanIn a survey of over 150,000 women-owned businesses, approximately 3% are at the one million dollar level in annual sales.

To address this disparity, the nonprofit Make Mine a Million $ Business was created.

Since its inception five years ago, the organization has held 23 competitive events with 202 awardees.

Thirty-eight of the winning firms have already grown to sales of more than $1 million.

“I’m deeply honored to have made it this far,” says Beth Ginsburg.

“It’s really wonderful to be around other successful women, and know that my business goals are not only valid, but that I will have help making them attainable.”


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