Monday, June 24, 2024 -
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Links to…Purim spoofs

Was it a bad Purim joke? Or just bad timing? Late Thursday evening, our site went down. We were back up & running by late Friday afternoon, but the time to post our “Links to Purim spoofs” had come and gone. Best laid plans, eh? We then faced the question of whether folks would still have any interest in Purim humor a few days after the event.

Ultimately, we figured a dose of good humor is always appreciated – even when it comes a few days after the fact. And the upshot is that we can even include a few post-Purim, holiday-inspired stories. So here it is: Our selection of the best Purim spoofs & videos making the rounds online.

What does Haman say? by A.K.A. Pella. Retelling the Purim story, riffing on Ylvis’ “The Fox”.

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