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Links to the world

Rocky Mountain Jew’s weekly round-up of Jewish related stories and events from around the globe. This week we bring you:

  • Close to home, Ketchum, Idaho’s Wood River Jewish Community is hosting an exhibition exploring the role of Polish citizens who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.
  • Jewish rapper Asher Roth releases his first single, becoming the first white Jewish rapper since the Beastie Boys (Guardian)
  • Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, and we’ve selected three stories to provide a well-rounded analysis of the event: an interview with Sadat’s widow (CNN); “Lessons of Camp David” (Wall Street Journal); and a video documentary titled “Cold Peace“, produced by Al-Jazeera.

2 thoughts on “Links to the world

  1. Rocky Mountain Jew

    @Martin Green
    We wouldn’t call it promoting, just trying to provide readers to links they may not otherwise happen upon.

    Have you watched the documentary? Don’t let the name Al Jazeera scare you away. It’s a fairly thorough piece that provides a good overview of the peace agreement.


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