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The life and legacy of Bill Daniels


Anyone who’s been around Colorado for, say, 30 years or more, remembers Bill Daniels as a larger-than-life figure, something of a legend in his own time.

This book — a coffee table tribute financed by his foundation, the Daniels Fund — reminds us that Daniels was also something of a legend in his own mind.

Daniels, a self-made man if ever there was one, was never ashamed of the many billions of dollars he made in the course of a wildly successful business career.

He wasn’t afraid of showing it in the suits he wore or in the opulence of his homes and offices. This reporter clearly remembers Daniel’s pride in showing off the rare satinwood paneling surrounding his desk in his posh office during a 1982 interview.

Also memorable from that encounter was Daniel’s unusual combination of bold, even brazen, confidence and a polite civility that seldom failed to charm whomever he met.

In many ways, he was a study in contrasts, widely known (and sometimes disliked) for the audacity of his business visions as well as the sheer scope and depth of his philanthropic goals.

He wasn’t Jewish — far from it — but he understood exactly what chutzpah was, and seldom failed to back it up with action.

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