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Dear Tzviling,

Thank G-d I am enjoying good health as I celebrate my 60th birthday. I am scheduled for elective surgery shortly. I heard that according to Jewish tradition, there are certain days to avoid when it comes to elective surgery. Can you enlighten me?

Jeff, Cheyenne

Dear Jeff,

Whatever you do, don’t schedule your surgery for the week before Pesach in order to get out of helping with the Pesach cleaning.

We avoid scheduling elective surgery the last three days of the week so as not to interfere with the Shabbat. This gives ample time for the body to recover before Shabbat begins.

Where feasible, avoid Monday, since it is a day associated with “gevurah” — judgment and severity, according to Kabbalah. So, your first choice would be Sunday or Tuesday.

Refuah shleima.

Dear Tzviling,

I could use your advice concerning the extent of the obligation to honor one’s parents. Last night, I asked my husband “Benny” if we were taking a boat ride together with his mother, and his mother and I fell in the water, whom would he save?

And he answered, “My mother!”

Tell me, what should I do?

Laura in hot water

Dear Laura,

Learn how to swim.

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