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Let’s get high

One of the features in this year’s Generations magazine (published today) is about Ganja Gourmet, Steve Horwitz’s head shop-cum-bakery located on South Broadway. While the name certainly fits in with all the other High Times, Healing Buds and Herbal Remedies popping up all over town, we have to admit that Horwitz’s outfit is certainly a lot more creative and innovative that your typical medical marijuana outlet.

The concept is simple. Food and pot. All in one. And Horwitz doesn’t begin and end with the ubiquitous pot brownies. No, he gets ethnic with jambalaya among his more exotic offerings. It’s really a twofer: Not only is marijuana better absorbed into the system when consumed with food, but this way you get a tasty dessert along with your cannabis intake.

We’re not sure what to make of this whole medical marijuana debacle. Sure, there are medical benefits to marijuana that shouldn’t be withheld from patients. But then why is the marijuana not doled out directly by the doctor or at your corner pharmacy? And let’s be frank. The propierters of these shops aren’t wearing lab coats so much as sporting dreads, tatoos and piercings. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but is it medicinal? What’s next? Xanax spiked coffee to take the edge off the morning stress?

What’s your view? Was it really just time for marijuana’s declassification? Many argue that it itself is a fairly begnin drug, for example, when compared with alcohol. Or has legalizing marijuana made a farce of drug regulation? Post your comment!

2 thoughts on “Let’s get high

  1. Mike

    What’s the big deal? Stress can have a very negative impact on people’s lives, so what’s wrong with taking the edge off?

  2. Liliana

    ^^agreed. pot is def. much less dangerous than alcohol, why shouldn’t it be legal? when was the last time someone died because of pot?


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