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McCartney’s tour de force in Tel Aviv

By David Brinn, Jeruasalem Post JERUSALEM —— In the end, it comes down to the music. After all the hoopla surrounding Paul McCartney’s visit to Israel — the calls...

Chris Leppek review three new publications

Bridging Worlds is not really a book at all but an instructional manual, prepared and published by the Montreal-based Ahavas Chesed, a self-described “cultural...

Valerie Harper: ‘Jewish in my heart’

“Hello, is this Miss Valerie Harper?” “No, this is Val. Are you my little interviewer? Hi darling. Listen, could you do me a big favor and call me back in […]

Novels on how to deal with terrorism

The diplomats and the political leaders do not seem to be having much success in dealing with Moslem extremism; perhaps the novelists can do better. So I turned to these...

New York Solo’s ‘Top Chef’ to host kosher dinner

Hung Huynh, the Season Three winner of Bravo’s hit series “Top Chef,” will host a kosher dinner, Sunday, Sept. 14, at Builders Appliance Center (BAC) in Englewood....

Boulder: ‘In the Belly of the Whale’

When Jonathan Bender first arrived in Boulder, he was your basic, non-practicing, unaffiliated Jewish adult quietly going about his business, studying theater at Naropa...

What’s Jewish about country music?

NASHVILLE —— An international conference on country music may seem an unlikely place to find someone like me. For nearly two decades, I’’ve been known for my...

Herzl-RMHA art fair: youthful expressions

Herzl-RMHA recently hosted its inaugural student art show featuring creations by students in grades kindergarten through eight. The art show was held in the school’s...

Jewish holiday book by Evergreen author

Mazel the Mouse gets a guided tour through the Jewish holidays in Evergreen author Nancy Larner’s new children’s book, A Mouse in the Rabbi’s Study. Illustrated by...

Jerusalem gets light rail by 2009

If you want to know why Jerusalem so desperately requires a mass transit makeover, say the builders of the city’s new light rail transit (LRT) system, all you need to...


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