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Khaf Tet b’November

Personally, I wonder, had Abbas’ speech not been a part of that now doubly historic day, November 29, whether things would have unfolded differently this past week. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ action at the UN was more than a slap in the face to the Oslo Accords. I think people are ignoring the significance of Abbas’ mendacious words that gave terrible substance, emotion and meaning to the actual UN upgrade of the PA to a non-member observer state.

Abbas’ speech totally changed the temperature of the day and animated the UN move to be a hateful one, not a peaceful one. We all knew the Palestinian bid would pass. For better or for worse, I simply accepted it. But when I heard Abbas’ venomous, revisionist-history, Holocaust-grafting hate speech, that got my blood boiling.

For Abbas, the “moderate,” who is a Holocaust denier (it is the subject of his doctoral thesis), it is interesting how he conveniently borrowed from painful historic facts and discourse of the Holocaust he denies in order to create a fictionalized historic narrative.

He said:

“The Palestinian people recover from the ashes of a Nakba in 1948, which was intended to extinguish their being and to expel them in order to uproot and erase their presence, which was rooted in the depths of their land and the depths of history.

“In those dark days, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were torn from their homes and displaced within the site of their homeland, through their beautiful and prosperous country, to refugee camps in one of the most dreadful campaigns of ethnic cleansing in modern history.”

“Ashes” is a Holocaust word because Jews were incinerated — that means gassed and burned alive — hence the ashes.

“Erase their presence” is a Holocaust concept, as the Nazis attempted to erase the existence of all Jews.

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