Wednesday, October 28, 2020 -
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Junk food Israeli style!

We Americans have our Snickers, Lays and Coke. But what do Americans make of Israeli snacks?

The YouTube Channel “Emmy Made in Japan” and BuzzFeed have viral videos of Americans tasting Israeli sweet and savory snacks for the first time.


When was the last time you hit the Made-in-Israel shelves for a different snack experience?

Here are nine Israeli munchies to try at least once.

Let us know your favorite! (The picture above gives away ours!)

  • Bamba (Osem). Israel’s top-selling snack, Osem produces one million bags daily.
  • Krembo (Strauss/Unilever). This chocolate-covered, marshmallow cream-topped cookie treat is Israel’s national winter snack.
  • Bissli (Osem). Crunch snack bits that resemble pasta.
  • Pretzels (Beigel & Beigel, Unilever, Osem).
  • Klik (Strauss-Elite/Unilever). Chocolate covered snacks.
  • Milky (Strauss). Pudding with a secret whipped topping.
  • Wafers (Elite, Manamim, ManWafers). Israelis love their wafer cookies.
  • Apropos (Osem). Israel’s verion of Bugles.
  • Pesek Zman (Strauss-Elite). Israel’s verison of Kit Kat.

(List courtesy: Viva Sara Press, Israel 21c)

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