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Joe Rubenstein

Centenarian and Holocaust survivor Joseph Rubenstein died at the age of 101, less than two months shy of his 102nd birthday. Mr. Rubenstein passed away in Loveland. He was the oldest Holocaust survivor in Colorado. No service was immediately planned. Goes Funeral Care in Fort Collins is overseeing arrangements.

Mr. Rubenstein was born in Radom, Poland, on September 16, 1920. After Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the Rubenstein family was sent to the Radom Ghetto in 1941. Two weeks later, Joseph was sent to the first of numerous concentration camps, including Auschwitz, and never saw his family again. He believed that his mother, three brothers and sister were murdered in Treblinka.

After immigrating to the US in 1949, Mr. Rubenstein established himself as a leading shoe designer in New York and California. He and his family moved to Colorado in 2007.

On his 100th birthday, the city of Fort Collins declared “Joe Rubenstein Day.”

Mr. Rubenstein’s philosophy for a long life: “Eat right, exercise every day and help each other.”

In 2015, author Nancy Sprowell Geise wrote Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubenstein Story.

“For nearly 70 years Joe never told anyone about his story because he did not think anything good would come of it,” said Geise. 

“Since the book about his life was published, Joe was so touched by the many letters and feedback he got from people around the world telling him that if he found a way to live a joy-filled life after losing all he did, then they knew they could find a way to face their troubles.”

Geise added: “Joe finally decided to tell his story so that his family of origin will never be forgotten.”

Survivors are Mr. Rubenstein’s wife of 74 years, Irene; one son and one daughter-in-law; and three grandchildren.

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