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JFS Food Pantry helps people affected by shutdown

Gabe Moe-Lobeda

Gabe Moe-Lobeda

Thirteen households — encompassing 42 individuals —  have availed themselves of  the offer by Jewish Family Service to open its Weinberg Food Pantry to furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown, according to Pantry Coordinator Gabe Moe-Lobeda.

Although the federal government is now open, the pantry is still open to furloughed households until they receive their back pay. The program will remain in place in case President Donald Trump shuts the government down again after the three-week negotiating period ends Feb. 15.

The recipients have been “deeply appreciative,” Moe-Lobeda told the IJN.

Normally, pantry clients are required to go though an intake process, which includes income verification. Clients need to earn below 200% of the federal poverty line, which equates to $2,023 a month for an individual or $4,163 for a family of four.

For the furloughed federal workers, there has been no intake process and no income limitation. The workers need only show their government employee identification. The pantry’s entire inventory is open to them with quantity limits restricted only by family size.

The public has been touched by the JFS Food Pantry’s generosity, judging by an uptick in food and gift card donations to the pantry.

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